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Why Choose Exede ?

Exede Satellite Internet

Exede satellite Internet can take your home Internet service to the next level. With 8 out of 10 households already qualifying for Exede service, there's a new option that blows DSL and dial-up out of the water. With speeds that are 10x to 100x faster than the competition, Exede's satellite network is at the cutting edge of communications technology.

Exede Voice

Crisp, clear phone service is just one click away with Exede Voice. Exede Voice gives consumers even more options for their phone calls, and you can even save money every month by bundling your phone service with your Internet and television.


Get a better level of television with DIRECTV and Exede. We've teamed up with DIRECTV to give customers a great bundle that includes Internet, satellite television, and even phone services when you add Exede Voice. Save up to $10/mo on your Internet service, and get it all in one easy-to-read monthly bill that won't surprise you with price hikes or fees.

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How to Get Exede?


Choose a Plan

With a ride range of plans, data allowances, and bundles, we've got the perfect plans for your budget and your needs.


Install Your Dish

Affordable plans also include pain-free service installation. No more waiting around for a technician for hours; we'll get the job done quickly so that you can connect to our satellite network ASAP.


Enjoy Exede Internet

For Internet, television, and voice, there's just no beating Exede's quality and affordably priced plans. Call us today and find out why Exede is one of the most highly rated among consumers, including real customers in your area.

What is Exede?

Exede is one of the major innovators in home satellite communication technology, both for consumers and businesses that need a higher class of Internet, but where options like cable or fiber optic are not available. With a communications network that was built from the ground up on the experience of industry professionals, and an expensive staff of technicians, customer support representatives, engineers, and experts, Exede's #1 goal is to be the most reliable, most advanced, and most affordable satellite consumer company on the market.

With voice service, and through partnerships with DIRECTV, Exede has also expanded those services to cover other consumer needs, bringing many services under one roof to give households and businesses more. Call us today, and we'll show you exactly why Exede is one of the most positively reviewed and recommended satellite Internet companies in the industry.

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