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About Us

Exede is America's #1 Satellite Internet Provider, providing millions of Americans every year with Internet, voice, and television services that beat the competition. Call now for limited time offers on Exede's services, plans, and promotional savings in your area!

How Does It Work?

If you have a clear view of the sky from your home, then you've got the right connection for Exede. Exede Internet services rely on satellite communications to send and receive information from dishes located all around the country, which are beamed to and from our communications satellite in space. The distance is astounding, but the actual time that it takes from here to there is counted in milliseconds.

When you connect to the Exede network, you receive speeds that are up to two hundred times faster than dial-up, and ten times faster than DSL. While those services rely on landlines and phone connections that can be interrupted whenever you receive a call, Exede's satellite signals bounce information between servers, home computers, and mobile devices at lighting fast speeds-- up to 12 Mbps with Exede 12 service.

It all translates into faster downloads, faster uploads, better streaming possibilities, smooth online shopping, fast social media connections, and a just better all-around experience for consumers that want to keep up with all that the Internet has to offer.

All it takes is a 30-inch satellite dish and a satellite modem. We'll handle the installation with certified personnel that can install the connection at no additional charge. If you're sick and tired of how slow dial up and DSL are in your area, we here you. Call today and get connected with one of the fastest Internet experiences available in many areas of the country.

Why Do You Need High Speed Internet?

Whether you're browsing the Internet to connect with friends, or you're running a small business that connects to clients online, it's more important than ever to have a fast connection.

Pages load faster – Images, media, and just plain text all load faster with DSL. It can take up to six minutes to load a single page on dial-up, compared to the mere seconds it would take to load the page, all images, and even video content on satellite. That's a huge difference for students, small business owners, sports fans, and everyone in between.

Stream content – It's just impossible to stream most content over DSL or dial-up. With satellite Internet, you can stream high quality video, music, and more. You can even stream feeds from live events, from news to sports, making your broadband the total home entertainment package.

Faster downloads – File sizes are only going up; the average image size is roughly 100x larger than it used to be a decade ago, when DSL and dial-up were more common. It may not seem like much, but when a page has several images, it adds up quickly. Satellite Internet lets you download images, media, and programs faster than ever before. It's also got faster uploads so that you can send files to clients, or just pictures and video of your last vacation to family members.

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